How To Order


Measure the width of your space and decide if you’d like your Doggie Divider in the Standard height – approx 63cm (25 inches) high, or in the Tall height – approx 1metre (39 inches) high.

For information, the individual panel widths for the Standard size are approx 19cm (7.5 inches), and for the Tall, approx 32cm (12.5 inches).


Once you know the width of your space, find out how many panels are required, by using the “Size Guides” below, either for the Standard height, or for the Tall.

The measurements below take into account the concertina shape of the Doggie Divider when standing.

If your space falls between the measurements shown, always choose the next width up.

These guide sizes are taken with the Doggie Divider standing inside the space/area, so when you’re measuring, make sure you take into account if you wish to have each end of the Doggie Divider overlapping, i.e. each end to attach to, or go behind a wall.

If in any doubt as to what size of Doggie Divider you require, or if your space is wider than those shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ page, and we’ll happily discuss your requirements.


Finally, visit the “Shop” tab in the main menu to order, selecting your chosen Doggie Divider, your colour choice and if you require the paw print design to be added.


Standard height Doggie Dividers are just £9 per individual panel, and the Tall height Doggie Dividers are £14 per individual panel. This is then simply multiplied depending on the number of panels required, and postage added.

Postage has already been added to the price shown when ordering.

Full breakdown of prices is shown in the product description on the ordering shop page.